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In the cave, in the mountains of the southeast Armenia an ancient wine press and fermentation vessels have been found. Their age is estimated at six thousand years. This is the earliest of the known to date examples of the full cycle wine production. At the finding site there were grape seeds, pulp, numerous remains of withered stalks and a shallow pool from which the liquid can pour into a deep tank. At the time when the wine press was made, the grapes were being harvested. The seeds that were found belong to the same species of grape, called “Vitis vinifera”, from which wine is made today. The age of the discovered winery confirms that people loved and drank wine from ancient times.

Elegant range of wine, “Arine” encompasses all that can be felt but cannot be explained by words!  The glass unify nations and helps to go back to the roots of humanity, to exhaust the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors. The warm smell of wine, original, a little burning velvet astringent taste Armenian wine.

“Areni” -  natural grape wine made of the same tipe of grapes grown in Yeghegnadzor.
“Areni” - a village in Armenia, on the banks of the river Arpa, there is only one type of cultivated grape -  Areni. Ruby color, varietal bouquet.
Red wine with a pleasant tartness, balanced with a unique varietal aroma.
Dry red wine is recommended for cheese and meat dishes;
Semi-sweet red wine is recommended for fruit, light snacks and aperitif.