Ararat Cognac Factory
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The main purpose of the  “Ararat Cognac Factory” Ltd. has become the high quality and prestige of Armenian cognac. Our vision is to convey the extraordinary soft, special, unique and fascinating taste of Armenian cognac to the hearts of the true connoisseurs of cognac all over the world! 
The president of  the Ararat  Cognac Factory” Ltd. Mr.Sargis Varzhapetyan

Ararat Cognac Factory   has more than 125 years of history of wine, cognac and cognac spirits manufacture. In 50’s of 20-th century it was one of the leading companies of cognac spirits manufacture and storage in Armenia.

The whole production cycle of cognac,wine and strong spirits is produced by classic technology, from receving  grape to bottling. Grape for spirits is  mainly cultivated in factory own vineyards and is only partially bought.

The factory has its own vineyards with an area of 255 hectares, rigged with modern european equipments, traditional technologies and strict quality control - owing to these factors  ”Ararat Cognac Factory”   has become popular in many countries of  the world. The cognacs of Ararat Cognac Factory have been awarded gold medals in many international winemakers competitions in England, Russia, etc.

The  "Ararat Cognac Factory"  Ltd. The large supply of cognac spirits, which is storage in the factory, can truly be called “The Gold fund” of the factory. has more than 115 years of  history of wines, cognac and cognac spirits manufacturing. In the 50’s of the 20th century it was one of the major companies in Armenia for production and storage of cognac spirits. The cognac in the factory is produced by classic technology of  various aged spirits.