Ararat Cognac Factory
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The  world  flood! The mountain of  Ararat become a haven  for Noahs Ark. Noah lets the birds out , to verify if the waters have already gone from the earth. And only pigeon from the second time flies back with  a grape vine  in its beak.It was a good news! That was a sign that water level has come down   and there was a dry land. Good news in Armenian language is translated as “ Avetis”. Cognac “Avetis” is a good  news  about  the  meaning of life for human being and calls us to care about life, which was endowed by the God. The cognac “Avetis” is a bouqet of aromas, with refined taste, excellent vintage and high quality. Our cognac  “Avetis” is a good news for true connoisseurs of cognac.