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Grand Sargis

In Yerevan, as well as in many countries around the world, rises the church called St. Sargis  XVII., which is named in honor of the great commander and preacher of St. Sargis. Under the influence of his preaching, many soldiers took to Christianity. Together with his son Martiros they died for the Christian faith. According to national legend St. Sargis helped many people to reunite with their lovers after difficulties and trials. Since then, he was accepted as a saint as the patron of lovers! In Armenia, adopted to celebrate the holiday of St. Sargis , as lovers day, just like celebrating St. Valentine’s  day all around the world. On this day lovers give each other cards, flowers and sweets. And those who have not met her lover on the eve of the holiday eats salted cakes and waits for coming of his future husband in the dream.

Cognac “Sargis” is named after the president of our company Varzhapetyan Sargis Grigor’s and also after St. Sargis, who was a great military leader! The distinctive feature of cognac “Sargis”  is that the blend of ordinary vintage cognac is added alcohol aging 20 years or more. A unique bouquet of brandy includes Floral aromas, drop in the taste of dried fruit tones. The aftertaste is long and rich.